Bigfoot Sightings In New Brunswick

Canada is home of the Sasquatch, and for good reason. The habitat is perfect for bigfoot, and has a long history of bigfoot lore.

New Brunswick has had 7 sightings, but here hasn’t been a reported sighting since 2006, which was near Sackville. The person that reported seeing Bigfoot was with his wife and apparently they seldom agree on anything, but they do agree on this, saying it had to be Bigfoot.

The other sightings around here: near Gagetown, a couple of them near the Maine/NB border and 3 just outside Moncton.. By the looks of it, it seems Bigfoot walked over from maine, thru Gagetown to get to Moncton where he was just trying to get to the big Costco to buy the huge pack of razors…

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  1. There was also that fake video a few years back featuring the wheelchair athlete chasing the dude out of the woods by the film student that was somewhere around there.

  2. There was also a werewolf sighting by two brothers in the 1930's in rural New Brunswick.


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