Bigfoot Reaches Out To Hiker

From the youtube channel of the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization comes an encounter story about a hiker's close contact with a bigfoot.


  1. Once while hiking in Jedidiah State Park I heard the forest go quiet. Not even a breeze. I felt like I was in a vacuum except the air around me was crackling with static electricity. I felt the sense of impending doom like I was being stalked or sized up by a predator. I upholstered my sidearm, a .500 Smith with a 6 inch barrel and waited. After about 10-15 minutes the forest sounds went back to normal. I took a deep breath and thinking whatever danger was present had passed, I sighed and started to holster my weapon when to my horror Jerry Cline ran out of the trendline on all fours as fast as a chimpanzee. He charged me and was on me in 2.5 seconds, (except in my mind it played out in slow motion). He then reached for my junk. I'd prefer to tell the rest of the encounter that day since I am receiving counseling for PTSD. Moral of story; not just the big fellas reach out and try and grab you.

  2. Jerry Cline reached out and tried to grab my junk.


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