Bigfoot Encounters Caught On Video

People think it hasn't happened, but there are several very convincing pieces of bigfoot video out there on the Internet.


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    1. “It hasn’t happened... it hasn’t happened... it... it hasn’t happened.”

      (Sweating, hands down his shorts, stuffing chips into his fat face)

    2. It never will happen - NOT EVER.

    3. Shut up ,I'm still stuffing chips in my fat face

    4. If it hasn't happened by now (convincing evidence) with all the advanced technology and a good camera available to almost everyone then it's pretty probable it never will. Factor in the best video footage was taken back in 1967 the odds of no one getting anything better are almost nil.

    5. That swamp footage is about the best you'll ever see and will stand up in any court as evidence .you can call in every expert you want til you turn blue and you wont find one that wont say it's a living creature. you are just a dense wank nugget if you think bigfoot is just going to waltz out in the pen and pose for a bunch of close up photos- are you really that daft ?????????
      Full stop, Case closed !
      CREASED !!!!!


    6. Peer reviewed physical evidence;
      Forensic physical evidence;

      PS, each time you’re given a new piece of footage to cry about you end up having a month long meltdown, threatening strangers online with rape and publishing racism. Stick to trying to debunk the PGF mate, should be easy with all the SFX advances by now, eh?

      How funny... it is that PS’ most used argument is actually the most damning example of how incompetent he is.

    7. ^ said while buffing his stinky helmet with his sleeve

      gug gug gug


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