Aggressive Bigfoot In Pennsylvania

From Possible Aggressive Bigfoot in Armstrong County, PA

I was fishing at Cadogan on the Allegheny River in western Pennsylvania. I parked at the top of the ramp going down to the river. It's not a boat ramp, just one for backing 4-wheel drives down to the water. It's getting to be just about twilight when I hear something moving down the hillside across from us. It's steep, but not too steep. I hear it barreling down the hillside but the brush is thick and really high. Better part of 12 feet. I'm waiting for a black bear to hop onto the road but it doesn't. It just stops in the middle of the last brush right beside the road.

Thinking it was still a bear I usher my friend and his 4-year-old daughter down to the river. There are a bunch of rocks there, a variety of sizes. I'm still at my car, less than 5 ft from my door and this brush is a good 30 ft away. So I know I can make it to my car and distract it with my horn and engine. And yet it never leaves the brush. Just shakes it violently. I stand there about 5 minutes and I can see it make its way up the hill. I didn't realize it was pushing the small trees around it. I wasn't connecting anything because of my adrenaline was high. I never saw it and it was too dark by that point.

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  1. The ghost of JC Johnson has been reported on the Mogollon Rim.


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