Talking Bigfoot With Cliff and Bobo

Cliff Barackman and James Bobo Fay sit down for an interview with PNWNE to talk about their favorite subject.


  1. 'Gug' Bobo, so good 'Gug'

    1. Gug,gug ped Stu, gug, don't chke on your hairy cane
      You poor bitter little man. Bobo and Cliff are star footers and it tears you apart that you are nothing but a failed bigfoot researcher who isn't worthy to hold their plaster casts n a rainy day. You are the jealous one who can never come close to their fame because when they went out and busted their arse doing the research you sat in your trailer park drinking your moonshine and playing your xbox
      cue the banjo music


    2. ^ haha you obsessed loser

      I have not been here for months and the FIRST time back here I see YOU obsessing on "Stu" - what IS wrong with you?

    3. 'Gug',I'm enjoying a Hairy Cane, 'Gug'


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