Encounter At Lonesome Creek

Bigfoot witness Rich Germeau talks about his first bigfoot sighting. The encounter took place back in July of 2000.


  1. I think Mattsquatch is a wonderful example of people with developmental disabilities contributing to society. Even though he just recycles old stories it is awesome that a man with Down syndrome has a hobby like this. You go buddy!

  2. I agree kudos to Matt. I was shocked when he revealed his condition on the upars la presentation. It was edited of the podcast because he called himself a retard in a self deprecating attempt at humour. (It was funny). "Hi I'm Matt and some of you think I'm a retard". Well guess what I am".

  3. Hey PS ! listen, the only person who has gone completely barmy around here is you . You are talking to yourself again, did you do to much meth tonight ? maybe you should take a stroll down to lonesome creek as it sounds like the perfect place for you to be alone with your wretched self abusive persona


    1. Settle down Joe! He isn't the only one that has conversations with himself. You have been chatting to your special friend Itkomi for how many years? You guys have lots in common. You should become best mates. You basically are anyway. You both need each other. #loveconnection

    2. PS is the only person dense enough who could possibly admit that traffic here is low... and then proceed to try and portray threads of conversations on single comment sections.

      PS is the only person dense enough to spend each and every waking hour trolling normal humans away from a blog that he needs to be busy with traffic, so as to hide answering his own comments.

      PS is the only person dense enough to spend every waking hour trolling like-minded and less Bigfoot-obsessed people who subscribe to a far less crazy theory of what Bigfoot are... since he’s an advocate of the Paranormal-Squatch.

      He really isn’t the smartest ya know.

    3. Takes one to know one ^

    4. Itkomi/Joe has clearly been triggered by the truth of my post about his love connection with the real Stu. Not me or everyone is Stu guy/gal but the real Stu. There is clearly a connection between them. They are both obsessed with bigfoot, they have conversations with themselves.... .... Hey wait a minute...... Itkomi/Joe is Stu. Stu is Itkomi/Joe. OMG it all makes sense now. Well played chap.... Well played.

    5. Holmes - you've cracked the case!

    6. Talking to yourself again PS?

      Imagine my shock.


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