New Bigfoot Documentary

According to a new bigfoot documentary being produced by Mark Zaskey and the Crypto Reality youtube channel, relict hominoids are living right under our noses. 


  1. Can't wait for Zaskeys amazing 53 minute video of saw palmetto and other elusive Florida flora. He should call it Zaskeys Bushes with 3 seconds of Paerdoila. Zaskey isn't fit to mop the sweat off Tim's butt. Zaskey is among the worst and certainly most boring researchers out there. No pics, no sound, but.
    bushes galore. Nice on you Zaskey!

  2. In survival school you are taught to make cookies with leaves and poop as batter. They aren't tasty but good if hungry

  3. Jerry Cline deep throated a 19" turd on camera.


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