Florida Researcher Debunks BFRO Bigfoot Claim

Nobody puts boots on the ground like Tim Fasano, and in this latest video upload, Fasano says he has debunked a bigfoot claim made by the BFRO about a white sasquatch in Florida.


  1. Fasano is the Jane Goodall of the skunk ape. He is an ambassador for the species.

  2. Tim looks like he ate Jane Goodall & smells like a skunk ape too. Go Tim! You give the obese community someone to root for!

  3. Fasano is the man. It's somebody like him that is going to finally bring proof of bigfoot to the world. He has the tenacity that it takes.

    1. I do admire his determination. It's not easy to traverse the swampy terrain of southern Florida, which is necessary in order to investigate the skunk ape mystery.


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