Bigfoot Plays Chicken With Car

From the Bigfoot Case Files youtube channel comes an encounter story about a bigfoot playing a game of chicken with an oncoming car.


  1. Steve Kulls mom said he was born with that head...

    He couldn't lift it. It just sat there in the crib, a huge mutated eggplant with an ugly face smeared on one side until he was almost 11.

    Finally in desperation the family hoisted the ponderously huge head of their son into an upright position with blocks and tackle and science. Now it could pass through a doorway. Freedom at last...

    1. . . . but the world was not quite ready for a walking eggplant.

    2. hey mate , i played with my “chicken” earlier !
      cheers mate


  2. Jerry Cline played chicken with a train as a teenager. Which certainly explains his brain damage.

  3. Khat Hansen is a shapeshifter. The proof is all over the web. Look at all her "transformations. She is a witch. Christians beware!


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