Bigfoot In Hawaii?

From the Bigfoot Case Files channel on youtube comes a report from Hawaii. There's never really been any documented sightings in Hawaii, so this is a first for us.


  1. The Hawaiian natives make statues made of human dung or poo. Often the works of art are seven to nine feet tall. No bigfoot just large poo statues I'm afraid. Peter Byrne studied the wild poo men of the Hawaiian Archipelago in 1988 and is printed in a peer reviewed journal. It appears in the second issue of Ketchum's bigfoot DNA study. You can't argue with science. The idiot savant astronomy dude who recently died had this to say, and I quote "Space and the planets are biological in nature , look at comet 267 why it's a lump of poo folks! Poo I tell ya, it's Goddam poo" end quote. Neil deGrade Tyson remarked "That Damn tard thought everything was poo near the end. I for one am glad he's gone".

  2. Even Puke Sullivan who suspiciously claimed to see a Gugwe or some such nonsense recently admitted it could have been a lump of Dogshit on the ground. "In certain lighting Dogshit can certainly look like an 8 foot monster". Wes Germer agrees, " Woody and I were surrounded by Dogshit, we had texted our final goodbyes but forgot our cell phones have cameras with zoom lenses". He goes on to say the fear emanating from the turd was "palpable". "We thought we were dead" said Wes recently. Poo has attacked many hunters and author of the 411 series has revealed to friends poop is the most likely culprit. Slipping in poo over a gorge or even through a portal is common said Paulides on Coast recently. My stance is Poo stinks remarked Thinker Thinker and Big foot Tony was quick to add " Poo has also been drowning young men across North America, the UK and other western countries.


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