Bigfoot Conference This Weekend In Texas

Bigfoot is coming to Southeast Texas this weekend! If you're going to be in the Huntsville area, you should check out this conference.

April 12 and 13 at the Walker County Fairgrounds will host the 2nd annual Southeast Texas Bigfoot Conference.

Conference-goers will have the opportunity to speak with Bigfoot research experts. During the event, there will be vendors selling a variety of merchandise including books, footprint casts and shirts.

“We think our speaker line-up is awesome,” Russel Miller and other organizers said. “Several of the speakers have been on different TV shows and have traveled around the world in search of elusive creatures.”

For attendees interested in getting even closer to the action, there will be a meet-and-greet dinner with the speakers of the event Friday night aboard The Southern Empress— an 1800s era paddle wheel boat— for a three-hour cruise on Lake Conroe.

For attendees who are interested in learning more about the Bigfoot research community, there will be a “Researchers Row” set up where the public can sit down and ask whatever questions they may have for local Bigfoot groups.

There will also be a silent auction with 100 percent of proceeds going to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

According to those responsible for putting on the event on, much of the public does not understand the extent of Bigfoot research that occurs in Huntsville.

“Huntsville is in one of the hottest spots in the South for Bigfoot activity,” organizers of the conference commented. “If you Google Bigfoot Sightings in Sam Houston National Forest you will find dozens of reports, some going back 30-40 years. Also, by having our conference here we hope to let the community know and understand what’s in their own backyard.”

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