Bigfoot Caught On Video

From the NvTv youtube channel comes a piece of possible bigfoot footage sent in by a viewer. The video was captured in North Carolina.


  1. Bigfoot expert and authority on Mountain Giants Mr. Puke Sullivan has recently announced that he and Reknown cryptid hoaxer Ms. Khat Hansen have tied the knot! The couple released a joint statement which reads in part " Sure she's a hoaxer but I've been known to exaggerate the truth too. Our beloved President has told over 8000 lies so what's the big deal?". The happy couple will be living in New York so Ms. Hansen can continue her U. N. work. ( For details refer to her LinkedIn page). Since Ms. Hansen is too old to have children the couple plans to habituate a young bigfoot or dogman. Over the moon Sullivan laments " She's all woman but its hard to share our bed with Ki'ho'sa and Brattis". The couple is planning on shaving Brattis and enrilliing him in public school. Delighted Godpaents are Rictor, Joey from "Friends", and disgraced announcer Marc Alpert. ����

  2. Congrats to the happy couple! Love and Peace your eternal friend
    Big "Fat Tony.

  3. Congatularions you two!

    Steve Kulls

  4. Hey you two lovebirds!!!
    Micheal Merchant, Barb and Gabby!
    Thoman Steenburgen

  5. This clip looks like hoaxed BS.


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