Bigfoot Assaults Sleeping Woman - Warning!

From World Bigfoot Radio, a terrifying bigfoot encounter from Randy Yazzie. May be too graphic for children.

This show may not be appropriate for children due to strong content. Caveman is back for part 2, in which he relates the story of a woman who had a Sasquatch sneak into her house and grab her in her own bed, in her sleep!


  1. I heard that Bigfoot was traumatized after seeing Puke's face at close range.

  2. Sullivan is full of poop. He is a sycophant of proven hoaxer Germer. He also had hoaxer Scat Hansen on his show. and when told he got belligerent which is telling.

    1. You certainly are angry... how would you feel if a Bigfoot found its way into your bedroom in rhe Middle of the night and shit in your mouth?

    2. I dunno - you might want to ask Joe. That's kinda his thing.

  3. Nothing better than " Than~Non-Human-Primate-Rape!"


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