WNC Bigfoot Festival Is Already Selling Out

A bigfoot festival in North Carolina has already maxed out their vendor spots, and the event isn't until September.

Even though it won’t happen until September, the second WNC Bigfoot Festival already has got all the vendors it can handle.

John Bruner with Bigfoot 911 told The McDowell News that the next festival has already booked around 150 vendors, which is the capacity. The 2019 WNC Bigfoot Festival will be held Saturday, Sept. 14 in downtown Marion.

“We are maxed out,” he said Wednesday. “We actually have about 40 on a waiting list.”

These vendors who will set up their booths in the downtown will come here from California, Oregon, Vermont, Pennsylvania, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina and other parts of North Carolina.

“Everybody is talking about it,” said Bruner to The McDowell News. “We’re posting it as soon as we get new sponsors.”

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  1. Of course the vendors are maxed out. Put together some homemade items and slap the image of Bigfoot on them and instant sale from the believing rubes! There's money to be made!

    1. False Attribution (logical fallacy):
      Description: Appealing to an irrelevant, unqualified, unidentified, biased, or fabricated source in support of an argument (modern usage). Historical use of this fallacy was in the attribution of "religious" or "spiritual" experiences to outside "higher" sources rather than internal, psychological processes (see fantasy projection).

      Logical Form:
      Claim X is made.
      Source Y, a fake or unverifiable source, is used to verify claim X.
      Therefore, claim X is true.

      “But professor, I got all these facts from a program I saw on TV once... I don’t remember the name of it though.”
      Explanation: Without a credible, verifiable source, the argument or claim being made is very weak.

      Tip: Don't falsify facts. If you get caught lying, you will almost certainly lose the argument, even if you are right.

    2. If Bigfoot conventions are fraudulent money making schemes that fool “rubes” (X), then demonstrate the evidence that currently supports its existence is bunk. If you can’t, then you’re at “Y” of the above logical fallacy. No proponent of Bigfoot would be taken seriously if they made a leap in logic regarding Bigfoot’s existence... if they were to claim ”X” (Bigfoot) is real because “Y” (no evidence).

      Stop being intellectually inferior and provide substance for at least one of your hoax-cult pseudo-religious mantras for the ten years you’ve been here harassing people.


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