Country Road Bigfoot

Blue Ridge Bigfoot revisits one of their great encounter stories, this one called Country Road Bigfoot. Enjoy.


  1. "It’s either a chimp, or a juvenile hominid. It can’t be anything else." - lktomi

    Oh yeah?

    Now Bigfoot Tony is a Sasquatch enthusiast and unlike lktomi he actually questions what he sees. But lktomi on the other hand accepts unquestionably that it "can't be ANYTHING else". THIS is the guy who proclaims we "follow the evidence" and we can now see the quality of what he considers evidence. What a buffoon - his opinion should mean absolutely nothing to anyone who sincerely investigates the Bigfoot mystery. At least Bigfoot Tony is open-minded which is something we will never see from lktomi. His OWN words clearly proves it.

    1. 8:36, you’re spot on, but I must admit that I was wrong as well. I thought it was the meth head child molester POS Brookreson — although he often has been mistaken for a pig so I wasn’t too far off! Lololololol

    2. Ha ha ha!!

      When you’ve quite finished talking to yourself, you’ll note that I’ve actually published the same YouTube link on a previous comment section. Don’t get hard now PS... I know that the last ten years have been tough on you but even Parabreakdown commits sometimes. It’s what happens when you can reference proof of the existence of the hominid you’re referring to, you kind of have the added confidence, ya know?

      Worry about what can be tested by science, Danny-PS, why don’t you put your money where your mouth is and prove to me how poor the quality of what I consider evidence? Prove my opinion should mean absolutely nothing.

      If you’re that obsessed by my character and what people think of me... go make me look reeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaal stupid.

      : p

    3. "I’ve actually published the same YouTube link on a previous comment section." - lktomi

      Yeah, you sure did AFTER I posted so you wouldn't look like such a fool. Just look at the times when our comments were posted and it clearly shows you posted after mine. Your such a buffoon.

      "prove to me how poor the quality of what I consider evidence?"

      I just did you silly buffoon. You reeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaalllllyyyyy do look stupid.

    4. 10:05, just as he’s done dozens of times in the past, the halfwit has deleted the stupid comment that you quoted above. Now he’ll pretend that he never wrote it. Footers regularly lie and doctor evidence to fit their preconceived ideas. Welcome to the world of bigfoot! Ha ha ha!

    5. And when you’ve finished beating off to your own comments...

      I go from earlier posts to the most recent, PS... that’s how I’ve always smacked you around, with plenty of proof archived here over the years to back that up. D’you feel silly now that I clearly couldn’t give a feck about claiming it could be a primate? Go take a looksy on YouTube comment sections... I’m in good company.

      And nope, you posted a link to someone else’s breakdown of an image that has absolutely nothing to do with the evidence I’ve referenced above as proof of extant hominin.

      Chop, chop Danny!

    6. You see 10:05, you can just move your post to an earlier comment section and — Voila! — it somehow moves back in time and the time stamp is totally meaningless! Footer logic at its best! Ha ha ha!

    7. Who you calling a “Footer”, Danny? Aren’t you in the UFO-Squatch camp? Ha ha ha!!

      Not sure I understand what you’re on about moving posts, but hey... I’ll add this latest failure to address evidence on your part as you being typically hopeless.


    8. Yes Stuey, just a weak explanation but those that follow the comments here are used to that from him. Even I am surprised however to see him delete his own comment trying to cover up his stupidity because it's so obvious. He then claims:

      "D’you feel silly now that I clearly couldn’t give a feck about claiming it could be a primate?"

      If he could care less than why did he delete his own comment claiming such? How anyone can believe or trust any of his comments is beyond me. He's such a buffoon.

    9. Still not reading anything about the links at 11:40!!

      : p

      Come on PS, you’re meant to be convincing your imaginary world audience that I’m not worthy of being believed (creased). You’re always way too focussed/threatened by the idea that someone else might have some positive influence on the subject... that’ll be due to being duped by the biggest Bigfoot frauds in Florida and failing at research.

      You’re not doing a very good job at attacking my character, whilst taking to yourself about a photo I’m on record in this very comment section stating that I thought looked like a primate.

      If only you had real evidence to debunk eh?

    10. 11:43, a normal person who was actually interested in the truth would simply admit that he was overly hasty in declaring that there was no other possibility than a chimp or juvenile bigfoot in the photo and move on.

      An insecure, functionally illiterate moron who measures his entire worth in life by his status on a crappy bigfoot blog would delete the original comment, pretend that he never wrote it, post a comment three hours after someone proved him wrong and claim that he discovered it first, and then declare that he only "thought that it looked like a primate."

      I'll let you decide which of those two possibilities is applicable here. Ha ha ha!

    11. I can't speak for Stuey but I assume he is referring to your explanation about going to earlier posts to the most recent and you posted that before you read mine which I can't prove or disprove but the times posted speak for themselves and everyone can make their own judgement. I'm not threatened at all just disgusted how you jump to conclusions before you open your mouth. This constant pattern negates any credibility you might/did have.

    12. Blah, blah, blah, blah, fart!! Here’s the doozy... nobody gives a feck. Except you, someone whose rage stems from having no status after attempting an even crappier Bigfoot blog.

      : )

      Stick to IT Danny... Getting in the field only led to less self-esteem, did it? Don’t worry about me, you spend way too much time worrying about me... worry about the evidence.

      See ya around, PS!

    13. I don't blame you for coming unglued. I would be ashamed and embarrassed as well if I was you after attempting to appear to be so logical and then clearly mistaking a pig for a Bigfoot. How many other photos have you been wrong about jumping to conclusions? I don't know about this Danny but Stuey clearly sees through you as well. Your such a buffoon.

    14. How many other photos might I have been wrong about? You tell me PS!

      Doesn’t look particularly extraterrestrial to me though.

      : (

    15. MMG Sr.Sunday, February 9, 2014 at 1:02:00 PM PST
      12:56, you're so full of sh*t.

      I've watched every single episode of every show he's ever done through the years, caught him on several podcasts, and have interacted with him on twitter.

    16. This comment has been removed by the author.

    17. You’ll notice the same way of addressing anon posters as he does with his own comments. Need I remind regulars who “MMG Sr” is? It’s this failed blogger & Mickey Mouse researcher from Florida...

      Daniel CampbellThursday, February 13, 2014 at 6:15:00 PM PST
      New yowie sighting, new Bili Ape footage, Rick Dyer vandalism update, and more at

      ... Not his real name of course. But with judgement like being duped by Fasano and Biscardi, who wound have the confidence or self-esteem to risk their name to anything?

      Oink oink!

    18. Hahahahahahahahaha - I love it! First Mr "everyone is Stu" is made to look like a fool and then he doubles down by saying the two posters above are the same person as always. He now brings in a third character called "MMG Sr" but they are ALL actually "Stu" who actually is "Pedro Stu, Danny Campbell or I guess this "MMG Sr."

      I always miss the fun stuff - oh wait, I WAS here all along because I am "Stu" - the two posters above were "Stu", EVERYONE is "Stu"! You've exposed me Mr. "everyone is Stu" and I won't even remove the post. Hahahahahahahahaha!

    19. Ha ha ha ha!! Unlucky Danny boy!

      You just keep walking into being exposed more and more and more for being the psycho who’s been sockpuppeting here for almost ten years, publishing racism, child rape threats, homophobia and outright misogyny. And d’you know what? It’s just too easy.

      One more for the dossier!

      Oink oink!!

    20. I guess I'm now this Stu person as well Anon 5:49 for causing him to delete his own comment. He's such a buffoon.

  2. Team Squathin USA has announced that a new portal has been discovered in Dr. Johnson's butthole. A press conference is slated for next week.

    1. I knew that's where it was coming - I could smell it a mile away!


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