Is This A Curled Up Baby Bigfoot?

From Rockhounding With Bigfoot: If this is a Bigfoot, he looks cozy! A juvenile?

Another snippet from our next video. If I would have seen this in the moment, I would of stayed on it. As always, I did not see this on my cameras tiny screen in the glare of the daylight. This is the best I can do with what we have. Let me know what you think!


  1. Another year is almost over and I thought I would check in here once again to ask a question which I had asked before but didn't get much of a response other than learning Robert Dodson had passed away. Judging from what I see here it looks pretty dead other than the usual insults Doctor Squatch and others level against each other. I am on a private group on Facebook and was wondering what those still on this site consider the top evidence presented for it's existence this year. I'm not here to debate or convince but just thought this might be a good place to start because of the interest here . . . or at least used to be. Thanks in advance for any help and links would be very helpful. I wish everyone all the best for the upcoming and who knows . . . maybe 2019 will bring surprises for us all.

    1. Ok, whether you trust Standing or not he put forth the best bigfoot evidence of 2018 and appears to be heading into 2019 as the top researcher, I give you the shot of the hand stealing apples, bigfoot back by tree and dark faced bigfoot. That being said it doesn't jell with previous evidence he's presented but I certainly don't know anything about bigfoot or how varied looking they are. Standing takes 2018 and looks like a winner for 2019

    2. ?????? Obviously lktomi you feel I am someone else. Fair enough. When I used to post here someone used my moniker occasionally. Yes, I am and was skeptical of Bigfoot but I did not post to debate. I simply wanted to know what those here felt was the best evidence for 2019. If you choose not to answer that is your business however I remember you were always the evidence man.

      Thank you 1:53, I'm a little rusty on Standing but I will endeavor to brush up on him and his evidence. Any one else who would like to suggest what they feel is the best evidence for 2018 would be very welcome without judgement or criticism. Thanks!

    3. a boy named Danny Stu
      But he's got high hopes, he's got high hopes
      He's got high apple pie, in the sky hopes
      ooooh baby



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