Midnight In The Desert With Bob Gimlin

Join host Dave Schrader as he sits down with the man himself, Bob Gimlin. If you've been living under a rock for 50 years, Gimlin was part of the duo that filmed the historical Patterson/Gimlin Film.


  1. Any of the old Super Friends still around here?

  2. Has Gimlin been telling a tall tale for decades? Has he told the story so many times that he has convinced himself that it is true? Or is he straight up legitimate? What do you think of Patterson and Gimlin and their story and famous footage? I'd like to hear your thoughts (and please, no inappropriate off topic filth; thank you). Serious question.

    1. 'Gug',weep weepy weep, Gimlin, 'Gug',I'm stalking you, 'Gug '
      Joe...Gargling on Gimlin piss


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