Bigfoot Report From Wisconsin

A man submitted this sighting report from Wisconsin, to the BFRO. The BFRO is known for their extensive database of bigfoot sightings.
Bob, who didn’t provide a last name, says that he was fishing in a lake when he spotted the monkey-like creature in plain daylight.

“It was about 4 p.m.. I made a cast and followed my lure when it hit the water when I noticed movement beyond my lure and on the side of the hill,” he told BFRO investigator Dick Brom about the alleged September 2011 encounter.

The man claims the animal was “hanging on to one tree and grabbing another” as it came down the hill. It then reportedly stopped for about two seconds and looked at the eyewitness.

“Then he continued up the hill. I was about 20 yards away.”

Bob described it as an 8-feet-tall biped with grey hair.

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