Witnesses Report Skunk Ape Sighting

A couple reported a road side skunk ape sighting to the BFRO. They were driving in the Myakka area, an area known for bigfoot sightings.

A couple in southeastern Manatee County claim to have spotted a bipedal figure they believe to be a Bigfoot creature.

The woman, who didn’t provide a name, said she was driving with her husband near the Myakka River when the creature showed up in June 2018 at around 6.45 p.m.. The area was flooded on account of the recent subtropical storm Alberto.

“We were at Long Creek, near Wachula road,” she told BFRO Investigator R. Monteith. “The road has been used infrequently due to the recent storms. I looked to the left and saw what appeared to be a pile of dark Spanish moss.”

She initially thought it was strange that a “pile of soggy grass” was shaped “so symmetrically”. That’s when she claims she realized that there was a creature, hiding, and standing still.

“I couldn’t speak. I couldn’t process what I was seeing.”

The eyewitness says that when she told her husband that she had just seen a Sasquatch. He turned the car around but the odd figure wasn’t longer there.

She described the animal as an 8-feet-tall dark brown haired biped with a pointed head, broad shoulders and thin hips.

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  1. Is the thing you see is true or is it an illusion?
    happy wheels

  2. Maybe it's one of the skunk apes recently caught on video by Fasano.


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