Bigfoot Activity In Pennsylvania

Researcher Stan Gordon posts about some potential ongoing bigfoot activity taking place in Pennsylvania.

In January, large tracks were seen in the snow in Fayette County. In February, odd tracks were also reported in the snow in Armstrong County. Since May, there have been ongoing reports coming in from widespread locations of unusual sounds being reported from wooded areas. Some of the people who have heard these vocalizations are experienced outdoorsmen or hunters, and are quite familiar with the area wildlife noises. They are baffled by what they and their neighbors have been hearing.

Reports of horrible screams that have massive volume, monkey sounds, and various other odd calls have been reported from various areas from the southwest section of the state. Local residents are independently reporting not only the odd vocalizations, but the sounds of breaking and falling trees, and in some cases the sound of what appears to be heavy bidpedal footsteps. At some locations animals seem frightened, and the local nature sounds suddenly just stop when these loud vocalizations are heard.

In August, Eric Altman, Director of the Pennsylvania Cryptozoology Society and I, were investigating recent incidents deep in the woods at locations of Westmoreland and Armstrong counties, where residents had been reporting these activities. In Armstrong County some interesting tree damage was found on healthy trees, where limbs appeared twisted about 9 to 10 feet off the ground.

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  1. Funny how it became "possible " bigfoot activity, I swear Joe and Iktomi are major rubes lapping this shit up, where's the bigfoot big mouths?

  2. Bigfoot activity in Pennsylvania is very rewarding.


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