Woman Spots Skinny, Neckless Skunk Ape

From Cryptozoologynews.com - 

The woman reports that she was driving south, not far from the Green Swamp, when the sighting took place.

“It was a bright Saturday morning, at around 10 a.m., this tall creature stepped onto the road. It crossed the lane I was driving in two steps and was into the left lane and my view of it was then obstructed,” she said about the September 2015 encounter, reported to the BFRO. “It just went straight across the road”.

The eyewitness says the “very thin” creature was about 6 feet tall and covered in thick gray hair. The head exhibited reddish hair.

“The hair came all the way down to the pavement. I couldn’t see any feet. The head did not bob up and down as it walked” she added, explaining that there wasn’t a neck.

She goes on to say that she was unable to spot any facial features, but that the spiky hair “stood up above the pointy head”.

The woman claims to know the local wildlife and that she has never seen anything like it.
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