Finding Bigfoot Tracks

Bigfooter Jerry Cline scours the woods looking for bigfoot tracks, showing everyone how it's done. Where do yo find bigfoot tracks at? Where the bigfoot are of course.


  1. Matt, with all the bf vids and researchers out there that you could share how comes you keep posting this drunkin hoaxers stuff? Did you fall for his fake story begging for $1800 bucks too? Did you donate to his drunkin liar cause?

    1. Did you not read the description dumb sh*t? He’s showing everyone (including YOU) how it’s done numb nuts.

    2. It would be helpful if they, bf, were actually there wouldnt it? I mean IDK what the population is there but how comes he is the only one that has sightings and gets attacked by bf half the time he comes out! Yeah I did read the description and NO bf are there...he is a fake...he would have to travel 2hrs to get in bf country...guess you are the dumb Sh!t for donating him for his fake I got attacked by a homeless man and two pit bulls story eh?


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