Soldier Has Terrifying Encounter

In early spring of 1970 at Fort Lewis, a soldier had a terrifying encounter with a creature he had no idea existed. This is his story.


  1. Say Iktomi and Joe,what do you think about AAALLLLL the comments after these non bigfoot evidence stories? Are Shawna and Mattilda threatening to fire you chumps yet?The bigfoot bucks are looking slim for you girls, Mulder's world a bust,so sad. Well, I look forward to you two losers trying to talk shit, do it now because the end is near, right Shawna?

    1. Keep babbling like a Brook bro, one day you'll just float away with all the other crude waste that lies on top.
      Carry on and cheers


    2. Ikky and Joe are busily employed as glory-hole contestants - winner takes it all in his mouth.

      Pair of top champions both.

    3. Carry on champ, you're only making yourself look more and more like the hillbilly scum you are



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