A Light Encounter In The Woods

From the Sasquatch Chronicles blog:

I had a buddy I worked with and he had coon dogs and loved to coon hunt. This was in the fall of 1995. He asked me if I had any place to take one of his dogs to coon hunt. I told him I a lot of places we could go.

After the season opened in November of 1995 we went out one Friday night after work. We drove down to a huge farm that I had permission to hunt in Southern Ohio. It was about a hour drive for us. I grew up about 10 miles from this farm so I knew the area pretty well.

The farm is mainly steep hollers and thick wooded hillsides with creeks running throughout the property and some small fields for planting hay and corn. We arrived around 10:00pm and stopped at the far back end of the farm. He let his dog out and almost immediately the dog got on a hot track and started tracking a coon trail. Soon it started barking and had a coon up a tree. He shined his light on the coon way up in the tree and I shot it with my 22 rifle. The coon fell dead and we picked it up and went back to the truck.

We drove down the gravel road about ¼ mile and I stopped and we got out and let the dog back out. We went up a creek that came out of a thick wooded holler. His dog got on another coon track and took off. About 10 mins later we hear his dog barking way up in the holler. His bark sounded muffled. We made our way up to where the dog was. He was up on the left side of the holler up top with his head in a fallen hollow log. That’s why his bark sounded muffled. The coon had gotten away so my buddy put his dog on a leash and we started back down the holler toward the truck.

After about going 30 yards I looked to my left to the other side of the holler and I stopped in my tracks, about the same time my buddy did too. What we saw still freaks me out to this day. Directly across from us, on the other side of the holler about 60 yards away was this dark red ball of light. It was on the same level as us only across from us. It was floating about 4 to 5 feet off the ground. It looked to be the size of a beach ball at that distance. It was a very dark red color and it gave off a dark red light for about 6 to 8 feet around it.

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