Bigfooter Guy Edwards Feature Interview

Bigfooter Guy Edwards is featured in this extensive article on his obsession with the bigfoot phenomenon.

Guy Edwards first caught the Bigfoot bug as a second grader during a visit to the school library.

The Portland-area native found copies of books that explored famous myths like vampires, werewolves, and the Loch Ness monster. But it was the one on Bigfoot that caught his eye, especially the inside photo taken from the famous 1967 Patterson-Gimlin film that turned Bigfoot into a household name.

"It felt like Bigfoot was staring at me through space and time," a Southeast Portland resident who works in downtown Gresham. "There is something cool about Bigfoot — there is this mystery."

Bigfoot became a secret passion of his as he thought others would judge him for latching onto a fringe belief. So, Edwards continued to read about Bigfoot, keeping it hidden.

It was during one of his family's trips into the woods that he finally decided to be open about his interest. They had met an older man who also believed in Bigfoot. The man had built a 9-foot-tall chair, and every night would leave a glass of apple juice alongside it, hidden away behind a shed door. Most experts agree "Bigfoots" seem to be drawn to apples, and the idea was that only something with thumbs would be able to open the door.

"When I saw that my parents and the other adults were listening to what he was saying without laughing, I knew it was OK to be interested in Bigfoot," Edwards said.

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  1. Guy Edwards turd interview. Turds!

  2. There is nothing in the Patterson film that looks like that photo. The Patterson bigfoot was much farther way and at a different angle. Where does this photo originate. It's the wrong angle for a blown up photo. I'm calling BS on this photo.


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