The Beast of Seven Chutes

Mattsquatch Presents: The beast of 7 chutes

Let’s take a look at a well know photo that has been floating around the internet. I believe this is what others and myself refer to as a “Gugwe” or type 3 Bigfoot. I don’t think this is a hoax or a misidentification. The background story is compelling as well. Thanks for watching.


  1. Biggie biggie biggie cant you see

    Sometimes your pics just hypnotise me

    I just love your hairy b_alls

    Some would think you dont exist at all

    R. I. P Biggie

    I just poured a 40 on the pavement yo.


    1. Hey mate, there was a beast with 7 inches at my flat last night taking care of my “chute” !


    2. ^ haha - a good "beasting up the chute" is a nightly tonic for our Joe.


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