Sasquatch Tales From BC

British Columbia, home of the sasquatch. Check out these encounter stories where people have crossed paths with the mythical beast.


  1. Come and hear my handed down oral histories of mermaids

    1. I've got this Australian flu.It's the first time i've had flu and it's not very nice but i was wondering if bigfoot caught flu from one of us how would if fair?would it die? xx

    2. Good question luv, I wonder if a chap like me who fancies blokes would be able to transmit HIV to bigfoot?


    3. Feel better PIB! Ive had some type of virus for over a week and cant sleep tonight for the fever. You never hear reports of coughing sniffling foots. Maybe it just kills the poor guys.

      Not even bigfoot will touch your rotten caterpillar stwartz. Don't bother to keep dreaming.


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