Small Town Monsters Looking For Help

Small Town Monsters has an awesome Kickstarter going on, check it out:

The 2018 Kickstarter will fund the production of The Flatwoods Monster, On the Trail of... Champ, and The Bray Road Beast. Learn more about the Kickstarter on our Facebook page.


  1. I have a small dick and am looking for help, desperately.


  2. For all we know, this could be another Frank Barnes scam where he pocketed about $180,000 and walked away from the "camera on a balloon" scam, and stranded a half dozen "boots on the ground campers" out in the sticks, where they could not easily wring his neck before he fled the country.

    1. Sounds like a poor investment to me for the return (get your name in the credits - wow). Just what we need - more interviews with "witnesses" on cryptids already done to death. But hey - go fund his dream. Make him a happy man.


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