In the Heart of Bigfoot Country

From Sasquatch Central - an interview with Steven Streufert

IN THE HEART OF BIGFOOT COUNTRY Bigfoot Books is an all-purpose used and rare book shop located in the heart of Bigfoot Country, and specializing in Sasquatchiana, among many other interesting things. 40600 Highway 299, Willow Creek, CA 95573


  1. Did you know that I am the person who orchestrated that entire bitter feud that erupted between Steven Streuf*rt and Kelly Shaw? If you only knew how much I’ve enjoyed watching them tear each other apart! Ha ha ha! I love to watch dumb footers attack each other!

    And ikdummy, I hope you add this comment to the voluminous dossier that you’ve compiled. From what I understand, your mad obsession with me has resulted in your filling up 20 loose leaf notebooks of my past comments. I’m so happy that I’ve inspired you to find a purpose in your empty life! Ha ha ha!

  2. I am Mr. Lee, I protect Steven here so you'd best watch yourselves

  3. Steven Snoodlefart is the smartest man in the world of Bigfoot. That being said, that's like saying "Kelly Shaw is the smartest man in search of The Easter Bunny." At the end of the day, they both have failed in life.

    1. So you would be that Forgettable sock from the other day, proving this is Streuffle trolling himself. Odd seeing as whines about it so much.

  4. Replies
    1. I like my farts sniffed by manly guys.

      I`m not known and Steven Strongfarts for nuthin`.


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