Man Gets Knocked Down By Bigfoot!

Jerry Cline got knocked down by someone or something. Was it a homeless person? Was it a bigfoot? Watch the footage and see what you think.


  1. Naked and cavorting gay men ,our group wish you all a Happy Few Queers...there`ll be sore assholes the neet,


  2. This guy is the biggest hoaxer ever..all he does is talk about others and then cries when someone says something back..he claims to have been attacked at least 3 times, broke into 5 times..complains about folks making money of youtube or paypal then fakes a story about being broke into and his dog getting hurt to ask for money..$1800.. Look at where he lives in Mt Vernon and where his camper was attacked at the Norris claim gold club and how a bf would never be in such a place for lack of cover..he is a drunkin, liar that is hypocritical and probably a narcissistic lonely loser

    1. ^ are you sure you aren`t speaking about Joe?

      The last sentence fits him like a glove.

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