Sasquatch is Coming to Town

I don't know how they got him to come inside, but these people got some amazing footage.


  1. Anyone see the feature in the Guardian regarding the failure of "footers" to produce evidence of "bigfoot" ? ...seems that all the "evidence" and "samples" of sasquatch/yeti/bigfoot hair was no more than mistaken identity and turned out YET AGAIN to be from "bears" and the like.

    Oh yeah...also a dog was included in the "samples" of bigfoot...sheesh,a dog ? ...really ? stoopit does a person need to be to mistake a dog for a huge scary "monster" ? ...hilarious !

    Did you see all that Joe ? ...another hard day today eh ?

    1. I am busy denying to myself the news from scientific studies and prefer to let some random bloke pummel my "brown mind" and drive me into a world of escape..reality becomes harder to "bear" (ha ha haha) at every passing dna study.


    2. My word !

      No way am I reading about yet another embarrassing "footer`s failure" on a scientific scale that is HUGE news - I`m not reading anything about it at all.


    3. S n i g g er

      c h o r t l e

      g u f f a w


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