Contractor Stalked By Bigfoot

A man talks about the time he found himself being stalked by a huge, unknown animal. Most people don't realize how quiet such a large creature can be when they want to be.


  1. Must feel a lot like being stalked by the moldy willow creek book store troll. Where is my battery donations?

    1. Keep up the lousy job Kelly Shaw.

    2. Why don't you two just get a couple of dueling pistols and get it over with?

    3. I just adore a nice hard "stalk" .. if`n`ya` catch ma drift guys, wink wink,wank wank,


    4. I must add that when I am "stalked" I simply cannot keep silent or quiet at all but roar and moan with glee and delight...oh, it`s such fun to feel a man`s "stalk" finding its way "home"...wink wink,wank wank,



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