Bigfoot Stalks a Cul de Sac in Washington State

From Pac West Bigfoot:

I guess you could say it is a cul-de-sac, but in Marietta-Alderwood, Washington my wife and I, plus a neighbor or two had been visited a few times by a Bigfoot at night. It was not too frightening, but there was a couple incidents where we did feel like moving had been an option.


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    1. so you`re a fully fledged caulksucker?

    2. SUCKIN Caulk is ok,, As long as you don't Like it!!


  2. Watch this woman take a hot dog and shove it all the way up her "lurve tunnel" and then serve it up to a customer she it all here...

    Go to 12;20 of the video...


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