Proof Bigfoot Is Real!

Crypto Reality is back! They brought some amazing images with them that they believe prove bigfoot is real.


  1. Why can't Dr. Squatch get clear video like these folks? This is amazing if you possess the faculty of vision.

    1. "They brought some amazing images with them that they believe prove bigfoot is real."

      This shows how delusional some footers are. There is nothing here that will even remotely convince anyone who doesn't already believe that bigfoot exist.

    2. At 3:17, he says, "We've got heavy stink..."

      That about sums up this "proof" that bigfoot is real.

    3. 1:04, not according to 10:54! LOL!

      Zaskey is 100% correct at 46:46 on.....He's doing a great job exposing the fake researchers in Florida, who totally waste people's time.

  2. Patterson used a caveman mask as the basis for his bigfoot costume. It is clearly obvious. "Patty" was a hoax created by a BS hoaxer.

    1. oh come now, you really believe all that tripe about a caveman mask being used ? you're a bigger fool than I thought
      If you really think you can recreate it with a cheap caveman mask than i urge you to do it and come back here with something that looks similar to the PGF that isn't the usual bollocks we've seen posted years on end.
      Go head mate, we'll be waiting here for your big hoax busting story



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