More Analysis of the New York Baby Bigfoot Video

Bigfoot Tony adds additional analysis to the baby bigfoot in New York video. Tony believes distortion is playing a part in what we are viewing. Check it out:



    1. America's pet Sh1t Gibbon lives in the White House.

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    3. Correct 5:42,and then they will introduce the doctrine of lucifer

  2. The small wild creature shown is more likely an adult in a different species of small hairy paranormal people, and not a baby Bigfoot. Little forest people occur in a variety of species. Bigfoot grow fairly quickly and are 6 feet tall at about 5 years of age. To swing from the branches requires significant muscle development, intelligence and experience. A baby Bigfoot of the size visible in this video, would not likely have the muscle development and intelligence to execute the maneuvers safely.


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