Breakdown Man Appears Outside NASA Shuttle

Parabreakdown shared this new video where he tackles the perplexing question of what is a giant man doing outside a NASA shuttle?


  1. We need doc squat to draw some testicles on that giant man with a red sharpie !

    1. With a salty stream of Piss aimed directly into my BIG FAT PUS HOLE !

      Joe F

    2. You sound like PIB or vegastheliar . Stupid people, I destroy skeptics with close to 2,000 photos and not one proven to be fake . You guys can't even get 1 photo !
      Ridiculous !
      Here's one you'll never be able to duplicate

      Do you know what the sound of me destroying skeptics sounds like ?
      KABOOM !

  2. You're now posting stupid reflections? OMG! CRAPPY BLOG! This has NOTHING to do with Bigfoot.


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