Amazing Bigfoot Interaction Almost Caught on Video

From the youtube channel of Barbara Shupe:

Hello everybody! Join our campers for an interesting, and soggy, morning meeting, where they share their latest Bigfoot related experiences. Then, see the big surprise that was discovered moments after our meeting ended' Lol! This is a good one! :)


  1. Bless their hearts. They are having such fun playing Bigfoot exists. It's a hoot placing things in people's cars and pretending Bigfoot did it.

    1. ^haints playing anonymous^

    2. "HI"--- Let me introduce myself---- My name is Troll Killer----& I wanna get Buttfucked- By the same stupid Niggers that Assfuck Chick Chick everyday---Prod Prod ,in the bag --LOOSERS!!!

  2. Fat old pantloads shuffle 30 feet from their campsite and discover Bigfoot. How can we not believe?


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