Young Sasquatch Caught On Video Commentary

Parabreakdown offers commentary on this video that recently popped up. It supposedly shows a young bigfoot creature at the edge of the woods. Check it out:


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    1. Yes they do!in the mean time feast your ears on this beautiful song and amazing voice xx

    2. I agree wholeheartedly that bigfoot is real.

      Just that nobody can find him/her/them.

      What do you make of the story from the military guy who said he was part of a team that went out and killed 7 problematic bigfeets ? There are a number of similar stories from supposed military guys who have said the same kind of thing.

    3. Not sure about that but it could be true.I've no doubt the military know of them.I've read of the idea that bigfoot once existed in larger numbers and a large number may have died out because of disease brought by settlers and in recent times their numbers may have increased.I'm sure that some bigfoot are aggressive and maybe now and again agressive ones are culled if you like by those in the know.Bigfoot are clever and they're fast and the woods is their home so they're going to be almost impossible for people to find but probably not so for the military with their bottomless pit of money and resources xx

    4. ^ Thanks for your thoughts - I too think the idea ought to at least be considered and it is certainly plausible that if a group of bigfoot were becoming a problem then they would be "taken out"...I`ve been reading comments elsewhere where some are saying the whole idea is ridiculous etc but this seems to be a very close-minded approach...I have to say that I imagine any such hunt for bigfoot either singly or in groups would entail extreme danger indeed and I for one would not fancy such an enterprise for sure.

    5. YEA CHUMP! @ 3:11 !

      "What PIB said"..(got yer back)!!


    6. Bless you a.c.collins,, I know I can always count on you for having my Back!


  2. Hooray,it`s parabreakdown again,rubbishing yet another supposed "bigfoot".

    I wonder just how demoralised parabreakdown guy has become now he realises all the videos ever posted are hoaxes and scams of one form or another?

  3. No parabreakdown,she doesn`t make dolls-houses out of ciggie butts...she ,or probably he ( he said her out of embarrassment,the tramp),breaks then down and smokes them rather than buy a packet.

  4. What happened to the Great Reveal?

    1. Have you opened your packet of chips yet?


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