Todd Standing Teaches YOU How To Track A Sasquatch

The man, the myth, the legend, Todd Standing, teaches you how to track a bigfoot. Or at least that's what the title says.


  1. Im starying to think even the most diegharf hnihdddot p[eople are treolls.

  2. im starting to think that even the most diehard top biggfoot people are trolls. Todd Standinf is absolutely sriduculous in his aqua vdhicle ghili suit etc and his muppet proof yet Meldrum is his pal,,,,

  3. Todd"Stud"Standing. RULES!!,, the rest of ya jest plain DROOL!!


  4. Todd Standing is in the Bigfoot Hoaxer Hall of Shame:

    1. Fraud Standing is absolutely a BS hoaxer.

      They shouldn't give him any credibility here!

    2. This site features all the hoaxers without evidence. Matt even said Utah was controversial, but will posts whatever crap Utah puts out.
      This is the 2nd time Standing's BS was featured.

  5. This just in!
    Fraud Standing finds his own ass!
    With both hands!
    Phlegm at 11.

    1. ^ loves sniffing butt crack while being a doctor ^^^
      Take a big whiff, does the smell turn you on ?

  6. I noticed he is wearing holsters for two handguns. Those are restricted weapons in Canada. Does Todd have a FAC and valid carry permit?
    Considering he was involved in real estate fraud, I wonder if he can get a restricted weapon legally?
    And who is paying for his be?
    He uses a crane shot in the beginning of his bid. That means an expensive set up and crew.
    Who is paying?

  7. Wily old catfish swims up, sniffs the bait... and swims off.

    Ads blocked for this site. Ain't clickin on hoaxer clickbait Matt.

  8. I think Todd tracks them down at Jim Henson Studios in Hollywood.

  9. Nobody is qualified to teach "bigfoot tracking" until they, them self, have produced a bigfoot specimen.

    Puppets don't count.


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