My Crypto World Bigfoot Bones

From the CryptoWatch youtube channel:

Its time for another episode of My Crypto World. In this episode you will hear a little about the recent Paramountain Event, and then my thoughts about bigfoot bones. But that is not all this episode is about as I also talk about bigfoot tracks, tree breaks and video ratings. This episode is slightly longer than some of my more recent ones.


  1. I want a relationship with a guy who knows how to laugh and be silly and then be sexy and romantic! I'm 21, have my life together and I want a guy who I can call mine! Is that you? Reply with a picture and let's see where we go...

  2. If you have your life together your in the wrong place here.

  3. Leave him alone bitch ^..
    He's All Mine!!


    I'll send you a photo but i have to warn you that I have a habit of drawing on eyes and testicles (big ones) to my photos. I really hope that doesn't turn you off. I could use a young buck like you in my life, to play rough house, go looking for bigfoot and do some weekend warrior window shopping.
    i promise I'll be gentle with 'lil buckeroo

  5. You must freeze the stool as soon as you collect it, only pick up warm or steaming stool samples and run right home and put them in your freezer

  6. TODD STANDING: Despite the name, he pees sitting down. Preferably on Jeff Meldrum's face.

    1. "Don't worry. You can piss on me. I'm a Doctor." Jeff Meldrum

    2. Hey I'm a doctor too. I enjoy a good piss in the face as much as the next guy. What about me?

    3. ^ I prescribe a gentle shafting with creamy lube until moaning sets in.

      Doc Longpole.

  7. Did i do a good job drawing this one?


  8. Well I'm glad you stopped using sharpies and stepped it up to the next level and are now using latex masks for your hoaxing !

  9. Unlike Standing, I show the entire video, and where I spotted him.
    Latex mask, LOL, thanks for the compliment....See the follow up video where I spotted a cryptid on his did I fake him, LOL!

  10. Also, going frame by frame he turns from a Black/Silver color, to what you see in the above pic. So now my mask turns colors?
    No way out Skeptics!

  11. Ha !
    You got one of your very tall boy toys to go out into the woods wearing a mask so you could claim you filmed a bigfoot on your birthday.
    As for the changing colors , there are many video manipulation software on the market that could easily achieve those effects .
    Nothing to see here as always , move along little doggie
    KABOOM !

  12. Failed again! This was a video I was going through from OCTOBER of last year! So I waited 7 months to come out with this? You look so stupid!
    Video manipulation software huh....I'm in stitches over here!!

  13. Nope, the fact you waited so long to come out with it just means it was nothing special to begin with. That and the fact you had your geisha boy don a mask and film it makes it even more ridiculous.Yeah, video manipulation software can easily recreate anything you can think of and because it's well know around the bigfoot community that you are a known hoaxer makes it even more inane
    you're the one looking stupid today bruh

  14. A known hoaxer has been busted by someone, and shown WITH EVIDENCE that it was a hoax.
    Not ONE of my 1,700 pics has been proven a hoax by anyone, and never will. You really think that someone is going to prove me wrong? LOL, WHO????? First off, the only people who could prove me wrong, are other researchers, WHO HAVE PROOF, AND KNOW WHAT PROOF OF THESE CREATURES LOOK LIKE! And those people, wouldn't dare attempt to even prove anything i have fake, because they know it's 100% Legit! So who's going to prove me wrong? A software specialist? Great, the video at time are posted for him/her to check until their as blue in the face, as the bag markers the Bigfoot leave! Why do you think people try and jack me about the blue bags, and drawing on them.......Because it's all they got!
    You failed again, There were at least 5 people, including myself, that went through every frame of that video last year, and no one saw him! I spotted him yesterday going through old video's. You say its nothing special to begin with...LOL, so good it's a latex mask right!

  15. It's frightening that you are responsible for people's health care, even in a pseudo scientific way.

    Why don't you try to prove that what you claim is real? Simply saying that it is real doesn't prove any thing.

  16. Why on earth would anyone even waste their time trying to prove your crappola is true?
    it says a lot that no bigfoot blog will feature your so called evidence . They even take well known hoaxers like standing more seriously than your crud
    kaboom !

  17. I'm the king of the mountain, why would i stoop down, and have my evidence featured on a bogus Bigfoot site? Name one good site that features evidence!

    1:52, The burden of proving my evidence real or fake, has to come from the skeptic. They are the one's who ridiculed me when i had a sighting. How could they prove me wrong, I know what i saw. They said i was drunk ( it was 11 am, and i don't drink and get drunk anyway) They said it was a homeless person....cheapest house in the area is $300,000+ and no homeless people have ever been seen, in this ritzy area, and they know it! Anything to try and make it seem like i was the wacko. At the time, i wish i never saw it! I had no idea what ridicule i was in for. This bothered me to no end, because i value my honesty and integrity. I set out on a mission to prove this, and 10 years into it, i had 4 pics, on my 10th year! I was going out every weekend. My best friend said i was taking pics of bushes, and said he thought i had Schizophrenia. I said you know what, i was going out on the weekends, and you think i'm Skitzo, i'll show you Skitzo, I'm going out every single day now, now you have full right to call me Skitzo!
    Well it wasn't until i went out every single day for 3 years, that i found what i was looking for. 4,000 video's later, and over 1,700 pics! I have all the proof of the time i've put in, and the results are evident. To the person who never researches, yeah, i'm sure it's just blurry bushes to them, but that's what these giant Chameleon's do to the camera. Nothing blurs my camera, except them, NOTHING! That would be the first explanation a Skeptic has to overcome, plus the fact that i am MANUALLY adjusting the focus, for the clearest possible shot ( i'm the only researcher that does this, and why i have the clearest pics)
    Second, the Skeptic has to explain how i follow th Bigfoot markers, and zoom in where they are ( I'm not randomly wandering around the woods, filming trees, and drawing faces on them, it's "Selective zooming"....Next, they would have to explain the repeated evidence, of over 30 different species i have documented. Bushes Don't look like Apes, Monkey's, Dogs, etc, bushes look unsymmetrical, and are the same color!

    "It's frightening that you are responsible for people's health care, even in a pseudo scientific way."
    Statement shows a character attack, which shows the maturity level of the anon coward.

    "it says a lot that no bigfoot blog will feature your so called evidence "
    You know what says a lot? Me being on here, calling you idiots out, to prove me wrong on a daily basis! Not What other researcher is on here doing that? Not a single one!
    That's called confidence in your evidence, that you will never prover wrong!

  18. the burden of proof is also on you when you attack other researchers saying their evidence is a hoax. Prove it !
    Prove to us that they are all fake or shut your mouth when talking about others if you can't

  19. Which ever one you want me to prove, name it!
    I won't let ANY Douchebag pull one over on anyone!


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