Is Bigfoot Kidnapping Children From National Parks?

The Paranormal Review talks about the event of children disappearing in National parks, and what could the cause of it be. Is it bigfoot?


  1. LMAO Paranormal Review is a serial hoaxer. He is pretty smart about it too. He separates himself from the hoax by claiming an anonymous third party sent him the footage to break down. However if you notice all of these bigfoot videos are from the same area in Utah. How is it all these random videos from the same 50 mile area get sent to just him? Thats because its him. We have connected the dots this guy is the next Rick Dyer. Except he can pawn the hoax off on an anonymous 3rd party that really doesn't exist.

  2. It's bad parenting, not bigfoot.

  3. Try the British establishment for paedophilia "clubs" - the evidence has been collected for years...this IS factual and is probably driven into the young kids in their boarding schools the wealthy send their kids to..or so we`ve been told by the victims themselves...then there are the kids in orphanages and homes which are another issue entirely.

  4. If numerous children went missing in National Parks, this would be widely known in the national news.

  5. holy shit . we are all dumber for having listened to this


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