Bigfoot Stake Out!

Robert and his partner Eudell head out to the woods to watch for bigfoot. Hey, you never know what might work.


  1. Bigfoot likes to watch

    1. Joe like to get his "snake" out but it`s really a worm.

  2. Anybody who goes on a stakeout in the woods to wait for a Bigfoot to randomly come along, does not have a clue as to what he is dealing with. If they ever admitted to doing something like this, they should have their Bigfoot Researcher Card permanently revoked. Why? Because they are invisible most of the time, and especially during daylight hours. And I don't mean well camouflaged. I mean 100% absolutely invisible so that they could be standing directly in front of you and you would have no idea that they were there. But that is TOP SECRET, so don't tell anybody because it is likely to cause pandemonium in the streets, and experienced 24/7 F&B Bigfoot believing researchers will start crying like babies, and never stop until they are able to go into a tirade on the internet to get back their MAN CARD.

    1. It should be obvious by now that Robert has no clue what he's doing.
      They are only invisible when they want to be = when a human is present. But that is 100% correct that they can be standing right in front of you, and you cannot see them....the camera picks them up, our eyes do not.

    2. Plus watching Robert's videos you have to take a Dramamine because he can't keep the camera upright, he rocks it's from side to side while moving it right to left and back, then he films three quarters of the video side ways. How in the heck are you suppose to see if anything moves while filming if he moves the camera all over the place. Hold it steady if you think you see anything, even deer will eventually move if you watch them for a bit, i know sasquatch will duck down or peek out, and you won't see that if you are swinging the camera all over, but he thinks he knows how they are and therefore no one can tell him different, if you try he bawls you out like your stupid or something. He needs to slow it down and take his viewer findings into account and not bawl them out so much, such a grumpy old man at times.

  3. Some people believe that sasquatches have the ability to fool people into not seeing them. Like they are able to do something like hypnosis to make humans not realize that they are there.

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  5. Robert's videos always make me sea-sick. He is either perpetually unbalanced or perpetually drunk.

    Next-up: Watching paint dry.

    1. Yep he needs lessons in how to use a camera for


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