A Look at the Memorial Day Footage

Bigfoot Tony on youtube takes a look at the classic Memorial Day footage with some new opinions and observations.


  1. Oh, yeah, Tony. You got a winner there, champ.

  2. In a world of high definition devices, that sure is less that 144p quality.

    And if I was to have shaven off Ox Bakers' eye brows, I could make a hell of a sasquatch outfit and have the GCBRO hunt me down.

  3. Bigfoot Tony is a total loser. The Memorial Day footage was filmed with a previously known hoaxer standing right next to the camera woman and commenting on this hoax. When this video is shown simultaneously with the audio, they actually named the person in the suit. And they just kept talking about the money that they were going to make. So this Johnny Come Lately, does not have a clue that he is watching a video that was a known hoax then, and consequently, there is nothing that this moron can say, that will make this hoax, the real deal. This moron just burned up his Self Appointed Bigfoot Expert Card, and there is no getting it back. It takes more than making a youtube video, to qualify your pathetic self as sufficiently qualified to even voice your opinion about anything Bigfoot.

    1. So, what you're saying is that his name should be Bigfoot Phony?

  4. Yeah, I saw the same stuff. With the audio on they were talking about how much they were going to make on this hoax then when she was interviewed for a BF show, she couldn't even look up at the camera... she is a lying sack of crap, period!


  5. And you know at the end when it's looks like the BF was hoisting a baby BF off his shoulders, ITS THE DUDE TAKING OFF THE MASK AFTER RUNNING WITH RESTRICTED BREATHING


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