Skunkape Night Ops In The Florida Swamp

The Trail To Bigfoot team head out in the night to look for the elusive skunkape roaming the swamps. They take a long a parabolic dish for recording whatever sounds are being made. So did they find the skunkape, or did a skunkape find them?


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    Watch Bigfoot or the skunk ape come out in droves to see what these humanoids are doing.

    Its a tried and true technique. I party with'em all the time.

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    3. The Secret Bigfoot's File

  3. One from my hometown. There's a large ranch property out in the boonies owned by what we call a "weekend cowboy" - a guy who lives in the city, but dabbles in ranching a few times a month. Well-to-do enough to pay for ranch hands to care for the property in their absence.
    One weekend, the wife shows up alone, unexpectedly. The ranch hand sees her car, but goes ahead feeding and checking the fence line before heading to the big house to ask after the missus and see if she needed anything before he took off.
    He rings the bell to no answer, so he decides to knock and when he does, the front door swings wide. He steps in to call out to her, but gets no answer. He hears water running, assumes she in the shower, so he leaves.
    A few hours pass and he is called in for questioning. Turns out, the missus is dead. Judging by the questions asked, he learns the following: she was found nude in the bathroom, tub running over; any clothing she had worn to the house was no longer present, nor were her keys or purse; her bedroom had been seemingly searched; and her car had been moved from the time he'd first seen it - it was hidden behind the house and could not be seen from the road. He was shocked to learn this, was polygraphed and let loose.
    That story never made the paper in his tiny town. The death was ruled natural causes, despite evidence that another party was involved.

  4. The Secret Bigfoot's File

  5. Instead of looking for a skunk ape with listening devices, they should be trying to kill one with a high powered gun.

    We don't need any more non-evidence! What the bigfoot community needs is a specimen for the world to see. That's it! End of story! Anything else is a complete waste of time!

    1. Cue Iktomi with the cut and pastes!

    2. >>hat the bigfoot community needs....

      Is to grow up and stop playing make believe. A grown man worshiping a monkey-man. You should be ashamed.

    3. There will never be a Body...never!

    4. Dr. Squatch is absolutely correct on that one.

    5. So you have the capability of caputuring 1000s of pictures of Bigfoot and other creatures (ninjas with their dogs are included), why couldn't you produce a body? I mean, don't you see the issue with saying something like that? The reason you say that, is so you never have the burden to prove what you're saying is true.

      So let's start off with a simple discovery. We all know ninjas and dogs exist, why couldn't you produce physical evidence of their existence?

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    7. doc squat is the most delusional whack job in the bigfoot world - Kelly Shaw

    8. If you did any Bigfoot research at all Vegas, you would know EXACTLY what i mean when i say a body will never be found!
      110% CLUELESS ABOUT THEM, 110%

    9. Show me physical evidence of a Ninja which you have captured on film.


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