Juvenile Bigfoot Tracks Discovered

From Kryder Exploration:

KX-FS-BF-GLST 03 17 2014 - ( Damn dog.... wasn't mine) Entry was made to recover a game cam positioned for 7 weeks. On the way into the area I find BF juvenile subjects footprints. We see where algae was removed from the stream by the larger subject.. Investigation of cam area and looking into an idea turns out correct and I find prints again of two BF subjects in the very remote and rugged area. I also find not far from these a large pile of scat from the larger of the two subjects that contained algae like we saw earlier, russian olive and cedar or juniper berries. Of game cam 14 triggers, 2 where birds in daytime... 12 where at night between 1 and 4 am. None of these had anything identifiable in the frame. Whatever triggered it had to be hot, moving and to have passed the field of view before the video triggered.


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    1. Did you get a load of Joerg's epic meltdown today? If you care about him, then I hope that you'll organize an intervention. Unless of course you are Joerg's sock puppets. If that's the case, forget I mentioned anything!

    2. The only epic meltdown visible all day was yours. As usual. Now go wash your smelly sock puppets.

  2. Ridiculous thread title - why not just say "unknown" footprints etc etc ?

    Unless they can prove this is a juvenile bigfoot ,which they cannot ,then this is another pathetic attempt at boosting their lame hand - and perhaps their own sense of worth - stoopit is the perfect word for whoever penned this title - was it you Joe ?

    1. As if someone had a child walk to leave prints huh?
      Don't be a bonehead mate


    2. Clear example of not knowing the difference between Bear & Bigfoot prints.

      The pics above are clearly Bear prints.



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