Top 5 Incredible Stories From Mulder's World [1-25-2017]

Watch: World's largest dart board

Here are some fascinating stories from, the front page of the strange and unexplained:
Watch: Parrot mask

Watch: A guide to the badlands

Watch: Meerkats

Watch: Biggest swing in the world


  1. Magnificent 100 by Dave Warner. The Aussies are going to get well over 300 runs.
    Australia 4 Pakistan 1. Go Aussies!!!
    Happy Straya Day to any Aussies out there.


  2. This one is for all the juvenile squats out there!  WHOO    :t.

  3. Hey mates, that's actually not the world's largest "dart board" ! Tiddly Doo !


  4. Some interesting stuff here -

    1. Meldrum has no clue about DNA! He steals samples, and then puts his name on it!

    2. He stole my pubic hair, my turd collection and a few super rare VHS porn tapes I loaned hm and never got back !
      I have the best evidence and he's jealous just like kekky
      I miss my classic porn tapes . There is an empty space on my shelf where they were and I keep staring at it hoping one day he'll return them to me

    3. ^^ So immature, looks like Kekky is the fake DS!

    4. ^ are you saying there is no dna evidence ?

    5. There's DNA alright, the DNA that thief stole from me!

      It's not his, and he knows NOTHING about DNA!

    6. His DNA evidence was a leaf he wiped his bung hole with, I flushed it down the toilet because it was worthless garbage

    7. Worthless Garbage would be Kekky shaw.

    8. 12:13,11:07,10:26----All from Kelly Shaw ! Now as I listen to his narrations,all I can do is Shake my head and laugh!

      AC collins


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