Check Out Wood Knocks: Journal of Sasquatch Research

David Weatherly sits down with Adam Davies to discuss Weatherly's new book.

David Weatherly shares about his book Wood Knocks: Journal of Sasquatch Research and chats with fellow Cryptozoologist Adam Davies about future contributions. The first volumes' contributors include Ken Gerhard, Lyle Blackburn, David Weatherly, Linda Godfrey, Richard Freeman, Nick Redfern, Micah Hanks, and Richard Muirhead.


  1. I just saw a yowie in my backyard. It was amazing.


  2. Replies
    1. Yes yes, we could all just fart ourselves into a bizarre smelly alternative realty!! However that being said MR.Clive Squashy,
      I have a simple question ,,,, for you SIR?

      awe hell in a handbasket! (brain fart)! Maybe I'll try again tommarrow!!

      AC collins

    2. Good job AC for setting the record straight on that one !

    3. Awe hell,, ,im still drawing a friggin blank!! hopefully tommarrow ---"K"??

      AC collins

    4. ^ my wife left me coz i always fire blanks

      Joe (the Jaffa)


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