Alabama Bigfoot and a Crazy Howl

From the youtube channel of Jonathan Odom:

WOW after getting a call for a investigation it took a freaky crazy turn. It was foggy and scary. And remember its crazy sometimes....Enjoy


  1. Merry Christmas to you all.

    Remember - bigfoot ain`t real.

    1. Merry Christmas to you too although i think you're confusing bigfoot with santa but that's ok,like most of us you've probably had a drink or two ;)

    2. He's not old enough to find a coherent case to support his religion... let alone have a drink. Even a sadistic troll needs to be wished a merry Christmas, however.

    3. ^ haha how sick of heart you must be to keep up the vile abuse even on a Christmas day - haha but we ALL know just how miserable you are in heart and spirit.

      haha what a fucking sick cunt you really are - haha

      didn`t Santa fill you stocking ?

      haha haha I bet you`ve been pounding the drink eh ?

      haha haha what a miser.

      haha haha

    4. Yup, the troll is melting just like a yule log on the fire
      Merry christmas Iktomi !


  2. Just some crazy ass Alabama coon raising shell because he spilled his malt liquor.


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