This Type Of Technology Could Prove Bigfoot Is Out There

As more and more researchers start using FLIR cameras in the field, and using thermal imaging to search for bigfoot, the chances of proving they exist get closer every day.


  1. The problem is that these types of images can be faked much more easily than regular footage.

    This will never prove anything!

    Get a specimen, living or dead. That's it! End of story!

    1. BS!! You can't fake a subject in the height range of 8.5 feet tall;

      And until mainstream science investigates, you have repeatable scientific evidence in track impressions to sweat over.

    2. Not to mention Iktomi, a ancient modern homo sapien sapien 8-10ft that will sprint off at 40 mph in - 40 below zero weather buck naked and then disappear without a trace!
      PS the most ancient hss are the pygmies of(central africa) and Khoisan of (south west africa) genetic mutations (mito) give a approx racial age of 180,000 ybp!!
      I dont expect you "Joe" to understand!! as your LOW IQ is self evident!


      your teacher,,,AC(indeed) collins. :-P

    3. All addressed here;

      Your turn to rebute it all.

  2. Real bigfoot researchers use FLIR rifle scopes, not FLIR cameras.

    1. Agreed. At this point, anything short of collecting a specimen is a waste of time.

    2. Anything short of fully investigating three times the amount of physical evidence that the Bili Ape enjoyed at this stage of research, is a travesty. Stop crying about it and explain away the evidence. Rhetorically demanding proof when the creature you're crying about is already shown to exist in the physical evidence it leaves, is futile.

    3. There is no more irrefutable proof for the existence of bigfoot than there was 50 years ago.

    4. Actually, there is three times the amount of evidence the Bili Ape had at this stage of research. There was no forensic evidence 50 years ago, no hair samples that have uniform morphology over 12 samples, no thermal, no audio and none of the world beating conservationists and primatologists optimistic about their existence.

      Try again, try-hard.


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