Bigfoot Encounter At Christmas Tree Farm

PACWest Bigfoot on youtube shares this story of a bigfoot encounter from Mossyrock, Washington.


  1. What is this? Some weird comments on some blog about some creature called bigfoot and some story about some Christmas tree farm and some encounter with something that might have been bigfoot? More liberal propaganda from the lame stream media. I'm not interested. Done.

    1. You've got points to address...

      ... You're just about roasted well done, that's about right.

    2. ^ your ass sucks wind!

      Trucker from Bakersfield

  2. Everyone knows that bigfoot aren't into Christmas. It's common knowledge. I'm calling BS on this story.

  3. How old is this encounter? I can't believe that someone would make an analogy of a Bigfoot print to that of a Sonics basketball player. They left town 20 years ago. Something smells.


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